Elements Theatre Company

11 Bay View Drive at Rock Harbor, Orleans
Tickets & Info: 508-240-2400
(free admission for 18 & under)

option20aHailed as “the Cape’s hidden jewel of a drama house” (Cape Cod Times), Elements Theatre Company explores the vitality of the word and the deepest truths present in the text by storytelling with imagination, honesty, and authenticity in both classical and modern works. The transformative work to become the text with a new and fresh perspective- to inhabit another world and live another’s life- is both our pleasure and privilege. Living honestly as community in the rehearsal room provides a foundation of trust and dedication to this level of work and allows us to be available to the divine moment when inspiration, faithfulness, and love merge – transporting us beyond the familiar into something new. Elements Theatre Company performs year-round at Rock Harbor, Orleans and tours regularly.
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